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     Security auditing: scanning the system for local and remote vulnerabilities using the latest vulnerability database. Based on the report generated by a security audit we can update the software found vulnerable.

     Firewall Configuration: seting up firewall rules for filtering incommin/outgoing undesired packets used in flooding or other type of denial of service attacks.
Installation and configuration of APF (Advanced Policy Firewall ) that has a large set of security features like, block list support to ban networks exhibiting suspicious activity, advanced set of filter rules to remove undesired traffic, advanced use of kernel features such as abort_on_overflow and tcp syncookies, advanced set of sysctl parameters for tcp/ip stack hardening and others.

     Brute Force Detection: using BFD , a script that scans the logs for detecting brute force attacks and works in conjunction with APF to place realtime bans.

     Intrusion Detection Systems: intrusion detection systems (IDS) are used to detect unusual activity (unauthorized access ). We can configure Samhain ( working on Linux, FreeBSD ) and LIDS ( Linux IDS ) Another type of intrusion detection system are Network IDS (NIDS), that are used to detect unusual activity in network traffic , a nids example is snort

     Anti-Spam: we provide spamassassin configuration for Exim, Qmail, Sendmail, Postfix as well as other anti-spam filtering done withing the MTA.

     Anti-virus: content inspection solution which provides antivirus protection at the mail server level, using AMaViS ( A Mail Virus Scanner ) or ClamAV

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