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     Apache Web Server: a secure, efficient and extensible web server. We offer updates to latest versions (1.3.x or 2.0.x ), custom builds from sources, server trouble shooting, module builds and programming ( mod_ssl , mod_php, mod_rewrite and others ).

     thttpd: a tiny web server that we can install and configure in case you need a super fast simple web server to handle high load

     Khttpd: khttpd is a web server build as a linux kernel module, it is only meant for serving static pages, like images or stating html pages. We can also configure this server in case you need to accelerate http traffic. This server can also work in relation with apache or another web server that will serve the dynamic pages.

     Tomcat: Apache Jakarta Tomcat is the servlet container used in the official refference of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. We provide tomcat installations and configurations, apache httpd connectors, and tomcat for hosting servers.

     Database server: configuration tunning for best performance, troubleshooting, database administration, backup, load balancying and replication services for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

     Mail Server: configuration, troubleshooting, security using SSL, and authentification, anti-virus and anti-spam solutions, virtual domains implementation in all major mail servers ( Sendmail, Postfix, Qmail, Exim )

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