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      SimFreeVH is a script that enables you to offer free hosting on your dedicated server. The script is an addon for Ensim Webppliance, the well know hosting management system.


  • Easy instalation
  • Once installed it's very easy to enable free hosting on any of the domains that are hosted on your dedicated server. You can do that from a web interface
  • Flexible and highly configurable
  • Web administration interface for users. Admin can View/Modify users's details, Remove/Temporary block user's accounts, enable/disable access to mysql, php, cgi, ftp, ssh for free users
  • Ability to send email to all users or just to some of them by selecting them from the user admin panel
  • Quota control for user's disk space as well as quota control for mysql databases.
  • Template Based -Everything is template based, from subscription pages and error pages to emails sent to users. It's very easy to integrate your own design for the signup script, password forgot page and other pages
  • Ability to insert a header/footer in all pages on free users sites
  • Automaticaly creates a subdomain for users accounts. New users get a virtual host, ready to run right after they confirm their subscription through email.


  • Ensim Webpliance
  • Apache webserver + mod_PHP + mod_rewrite
  • MySQL server
  • Perl and DBI modules for perl
The last 3 items should allready be installed if Ensim Webppliance is running well.
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